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Hair Pride

June is the month of love and diversity. But every minute is the time to thank who we are and enjoy being alive. We’re just going to celebrate and be truly proud of ourselves/ body hair/ wrinkles/ love handles… we are perfect just the way we are. Happy Pride.

Lesbian visibility

#LesbianVisibilityWeek is celebrated to support lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBTQI women and non binary people in the global community. There are still many chains and stereotypes to break. ‘There is so much to celebrate in our wonderful rainbow community of women who love women.’ – Linda Riley


I’m not my body

Our own voice, our own identity is a complicated subject. Many factors influence and we are very vulnerable during our adolescence and early years: the body, sexuality, the relationship with ourselves and our environment. We must forget labels, forget prejudices and unlearn what we have learned. Our appearance, our ideas, our capacities and emotions change over time, there is no single self. We are fluent.

A lot on the plate

When I have a lot on my plate, I try to clear my mind, isolate myself and enjoy every ‘bite’ of the food that is right in front of me, every bite counts, I just keep doing it. I don’t always succeed, but I try as hard as I can.
Of course I am not talking about food, but about feeding your goals and getting through every difficult phase of our lives. 

Inma Hortas INLOHO inlohographics Fatphobia

Own Fat Phobia

Fatphobia is a reality. It is a fight against ourselves and social stereotypes. There are many different levels of fat and obesity is a disease, an imbalance, which can be due to physical, psychological, psychiatric or socio-economic factors. The latter accentuate and worsen the disease. You can be fat and perfectly healthy. Let’s remove the stigma. We are all humans.

New year hopes lettering by inma hortas inlohographicsw

New Year Hopes

I wish you New Year Hopes, Art, Love and Truth.
Lettering and character illustration sent to my contacts as Christmas/New year Self-promo card.

Hope Label – Science will win

Science will win. I have been fully vaccinated. The greatest tool we have to combat the pandemic. Hope that life as we previously knew it will return and we can “return to the jungle” with a deeper social responsibility.

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It’s Nice That – Inma Hortas

IT’S NICE THAT features my illustration work: ‘Inma Hortas on illustrating the colourful, wacky, and diverse world around her’, words by Joey Levenson. ‘Inma Hortas champions diversity in all its forms, and brings a refreshing injection of weirdness into the discourse.’
Link to the article

Inma Hortas INLOHO inlohographics I Can Illustration

I can

‘Magic is believing in yourself. If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.” – J. W. Von Goethe.
Hold the vision, trust the process. ‘Yes, I can.’
This is a self-portrait about women empowerment and self-confidence #togetherstronger ❤

My stone

Throughout life we ​​all have moments of joy, sadness, melancholy … Many times we do not let our emotions teach us. A hidden and forgotten negative emotion can become a heavy burden on life. We all carry stones but psychotherapy and emotional intelligence work from childhood will turn that stone into a light cotton cloud.