Adidas London x Creative Debuts Exhibited Illustration by Inma Hortas

Adidas London x Creative Debuts

ART ATTACK EXHIBITION at Adidas flagship store in London, Oxford Street, across its 4 floors. There was more NFTs, masterpieces from artists armed with the humble pen and pencil, a library full of comics, as well as heaps of incredible illustrative artwork. Curator: Balany Piti

Kong – The Icon (tribute)

Cinema is a true reflection of society. The patriarchal pattern repeats itself many times. The female lead is pretty and weak and rescued by a handsome and brave heartthrob. The woman is the object of desire and the man is capable and decisive. We still see this behavior: the Kong pattern. (King Kong, 1933, Cooper and Schoedsack) Where is the evolution?

My inner self – Exhibition

Energy and human nature. Needing time to rest, breathe and lower energy levels to regain vital balance is essential for me. Mental health is the key for my creative capacity and a slow lifestyle also contributes to slowing down climate change and making a sustainable use of the planet’s resources. We can get it.
In my personal case, the pandemic has made me stop, has given me time and space to reflect and prioritize what is really important in my life, in addition to raising my anxiety levels to infinity. You can see this piece at Pira in Barcelona.

Clouds and roots – Childhooh Abuses Exhibition

‘When I was a child I felt lonely, and I still feel it, because I know things and I must hint at things that others apparently know nothing about, and for the most part do not want to know.’ – Carl G. Jung.
Our roots begin to grow throughout the fragile and essential childhood. The foundations of the adults in which we will be are established. Clearing the sky of dark clouds and untangling those roots should be our main goal, just before they get too deep to fix.
You can see this piece at Centre Civic Barceloneta or online. Barcelona

Covid Exit – Dimad Exhibition

In the cloud I find “salvation” in these times of Covid-19. Being connected has allowed me to feel close to my affections even though we are all far away, imagine another possible world and face the days with hope despite the great uncertainty. The cloud gives me culture and knowledge, but also empathy, gratitude, responsibility and enthusiasm for life. This piece belongs to “Madrid Gráfica 20” exhibition, curated by DIMAD at Matadero Madrid.