I’m Inma Hortas, an independent full-time freelance illustrator.
Thanks a lot for being here!


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Illustrators 66th – SOI New York Annual Book and Exhibition 2023: Pride Collection for Playbook
Communication Arts Awards CA 2023 in Editorial (shorlisted): Stress Eating for AARP (The Girlfriend) and Pole Dance for The LA Times
World Illustration Awards WIA 2023 in Advertising (shortlisted): Adidas UB22 Campaign
American Illustration AI42 Selected Winner 2023: Adidas UB22 Campaign
American Illustration AI41 Chosen Winner 2022: Comfy Underwear for AARP (The Girlfriend)
Illustrators 65th – SOI New York Annual Book and Exhibiton 2022: Adidas UB22 Campaign and Comfy Underwear for AARP (The Girlfriend)
Featured at It’s Nice That, Dash Bash, Experimenta, Graficatessen, CPB Ldn Socials, Dot Magazine, Brillo Magazine, etc.
Based in Spain (Galicia-Madrid) but remotely for the entire world. I work in multiple time zones. No borders!
I love creating engaging and communicative illustrations that are both evocative and joyful. My style is graphic, vibrant, resounding and meticulous, using primarily voluptuous shapes and whimsical elements.
I’m specially inspired by human emotions and mental health, women’s strength, lgbt+ rights and minorities, gender and identity issues, trends and everyday life stories, both intimacy and current affairs… Always #bodypositivity #loveislove馃寛 #diversity #everyoneisawesome


I worked for ten years as a full-time graphic designer before shifting my career to freelance illustration during the pandemic. For further details you can check my experience on LINKEDIN or stalk me on INSTAGRAM.

鈻 Dive into my illustration portfolio 鈻

Clarks Orginials Desert Trek reimagined logo: A confident nature godess who enjoys her journey and spreads life along it. Advertising illustration by Inma Hortas. Clarks Orginals logo

Clarks Originals – Desert Trek Shoe 50th

'Pole dance changed my life... L.A. spots to try it'. Los Angeles Times article illustrated by Inma Hortas @inlohographics

The Los Angeles Times – Pole Dance in L.A.

Adidas Ultraboost 22 female fit campaign on socials. Main hero illustration.

Adidas x WeAreSocial – UB22 Campaign

鈥楬OW NOT TO BEHAVE IN A RESTAURANT鈥 at The Guardian. Cover of G2 Section. Impatient drinkers.

The Guardian – How not to behave in a restaurant

Inma Hortas Pride illustration inloho inlohographics

Hair Pride

Brigitte Magazine – Questions to myself

CPB London – (Re)Imagine Campaign

Southern Poverty Law Center splc june calendar 2024 by Inma Hortas Inlohographics Pride lgbt+ loveislove

SPLC Calendar 2024 – Pride in June

two females have sex with protection kamasutra pose pride lqtbiq+ lgbt illustrated by Inma Hortas inloho

Sidaction x Kiblind – LGBT+ Kamasutra Book

LA times by Inma Hortas Illustration

Los Angeles Times – Trans Teddy

Empowered women having fun eating everything she wants, stress eating sometimes but without regreats and feeling good with herself. Colorful illustration by Inma Hortas for AARP

AARP The Girlfriend – Stress Eating

'The Top Aphrodisiac Foods To Get You In The Mood' article, illustrated by Inma Hortas for The Girlfriend from AARP.

AARP The Girlfriend – Aphrodisiac Food

Inma Hortas illustration for HuffPost about big boobs issues and awareness on this october boobs Month

HuffPost US – Big Boobs Issues

FB_MarketPlace_InmaHortas_x_DwellMag inlohographics illustration editorial

Dwell – Facebook Marketplace

Editorial illustration for The Guardian about client's bad behaviour: 'Where are our manners?', by Inma Hortas.

The Guardian – Where are our manners?

Pride_KISSES_InmaHortas-inlohographics playbook

Playbook – Pride Illustration Collection

Hola Wine Design by Inma Hortas for Wine52 from Beer52

Wine Design for Wine52-Beer52

The two founders of Loop Earplugs celebrate at a concert and enjoy the music using their loops

Shopify – Loop Earplugs Owners

鈥楾he Very Best Bras And Panties That Marry Comfort And Style鈥 illustrated by Inma Hortas, American Illustration AI41 CHOSEN WINNER, SOI 65TH JURY SELECTION

AARP The Girlfriend – Comfy Underwear

Editorial illustration for Cosmopolitan UK by Inma Hortas @inlohographics

Cosmopolitan UK – Eating Disorders

Body positive influencer girl making a selfie while a small influencer is not able to be seen at her side, by Inma Hortas, inlohographics

BuzzFeed News – Small Influencers

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos portraits for Brigitte Magazine. 漏 Inma Hortas. All Right Reserved

Brigitte Magazine – Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos

Editorial Illustration for Yorokobu Magazine. Inma Hortas Luis Seoane

Yorobobu Magazine – ‘No Places’ Article

15fec by Inma Hortas film festival inlohographics poster

15FEC Short Film Festival – Poster

Universal Music x Amelia St. – Lewis Capaldi Pizza Pitch

Cover for Yorokobu Magazine no 125 about she/they women by Inma Hortas

Yorokobu Magazine – She/They Cover

The Girlfriend from AARP in print: 'Three simple tricks for your mind, home, and heart to ease into a better 2023'. For the mind: rethinking how you think may help resolve conflicts. Illustration by Inma Hortas

AARP The Girlfriend – Tricks for your mind, home, and heart

Jumping girl happy full of money while work in uix web design. Salary story at Refinery29 illustrated by Inma Hortas

Refinery29 – Salary Story

Shopify – Casely Owners

Lesbian visibility

New year hopes lettering by inma hortas inlohographicsw

New Year Hopes

Yorokobu Magazine – Back to the comfort zone


I’m not my body

Inma Hortas INLOHO inlohographics Fatphobia

Own Fat Phobia

A lot on the plate

Adidas London x Creative Debuts Exhibited Illustration by Inma Hortas

Adidas London x Creative Debuts

The Uncook Book, how to unbake the planet. How we consume: Fashion industry. Buy second hand cloths and keep it trendy at the same time.

The Uncook book – Given Agency

inma hortas at it s nice that illutrator illustration artist inlohographics

It’s Nice That – Inma Hortas

Inma Hortas INLOHO inlohographics I Can Illustration

I can

Let's celebrate Halloween!. 漏 Inma Hortas. All rights reserved.


Inma Hortas INLOHO inlohographics Wounded World

Wounded World

Strong girl non gender character shouting stop the war

Stop The War