‘HOW NOT TO BEHAVE IN A RESTAURANT’ at The Guardian. Cover of G2 Section. Impatient drinkers.

The Guardian – How not to behave in a restaurant


Editorial illustrations for The Guardian: All the things that really annoy restaurant staff. By Tony Naylor. No-shows, cork-sniffers and salt addicts: restaurateurs on 21 dining habits to avoid. AD: Sarah Habershon. Link to the digital version


Main illustration: Impatient diners…and impatient drinkers. “Turning a wine bottle upside down in the cooler to tell us it’s empty irritates me,” says Bentinck. “If you want another, just ask.”

Spot 1: “We’ve had people get out light rings or stand on chairs to take overhead pictures of the table,” says the co-owner Fin Spiteri, with a laugh. “What are you doing breaking the atmosphere for everyone? Please sit down.”

Spot 2: “People have this salt trigger-finger,” says Fionnan Flood, the chef at the Chelsea Pig in London. “Assume the chef is going to season food to its highest point. Also, taste before you season, obviously. You’ve no idea how the food tastes.”