Hola Wine Design by Inma Hortas for Wine52 from Beer52

Wine Design for Wine52-Beer52

Wine Design Label for Wine 52 from Beer52 Company. Naming, design and illustration.
‘HOLA’ is a fresh organic white wine, originally from Spain, La Mancha area. It celebrates life, nature and feeling good in one’s own skin.

LA times by Inma Hortas Illustration

Los Angeles Times – Trans Teddy

Digital and printed article about a trans male that is trying to figure out what it means to be a man in today’s world. Over the years, he and his girlfriend have joked about getting him a teddy bear. Now he finally has one.
AD: Jan Molen. Link to the article

Cover for Yorokobu Magazine no 125 about she/they women by Inma Hortas

Yorokobu Magazine – She/They Cover

She/They: Everyday heroes (friends, colleagues, mothers, family…) Living, active people, in a continuous fight for our rights, who have cost our predecessors so much sweat and blood. The bodies of the main characters draw Yorokobu’s letters while secondary characters create funny, tender, supportive or vindictive subplots.
AD: Luis B Boy. Link to the magazine

Adidas London x Creative Debuts Exhibited Illustration by Inma Hortas

Adidas London x Creative Debuts

ART ATTACK EXHIBITION at Adidas flagship store in London, Oxford Street, across its 4 floors. There was more NFTs, masterpieces from artists armed with the humble pen and pencil, a library full of comics, as well as heaps of incredible illustrative artwork. Curator: Balany Piti

Yorokobu Magazine – Back to the comfort zone

Our fighter is tired of fighting, of being afraid and living in uncertainty. That’s why he decides to stay in his cloud of comfort, where things are sweet and time stands still.
AD: Luis B Boy. Link to the magazine


Brigitte Magazine – Couple Conversations

‘HAT LIEBE EINE ERFOLGSFORMEL?’ (Does love have a formula for success?)
An Illustration and two little icons concerning the book “8 dates: essential conversations for a lifetime of love” by John Gottman and Rachel Carlton Abrams, at the printed edition of Brigitte Magazin no 8.
AD: Julia Wochnik.

Cover illustration for Berkeley Law - Pro Bono Program 'THE POWER OF PRO BONO'.

Berkeley Law – Pro Bono Program Cover

Berkeley Law’s mission focuses on Community, Excellence and Public Mission. Caring + Inclusive + Bold + Real. This is the Pro Bono Program image to use on the cover of the brochure about this program, highlighting student-led work. They are also using this image for the cover of a new podcast.
AD: Laurie Frasier. Link to the brochure

The Uncook Book, how to unbake the planet. How we consume: Fashion industry. Buy second hand cloths and keep it trendy at the same time.

The Uncook book – Given Agency

Unbaking how we consume. Being trendy is compatible with wearing second-hand clothes. There is no excuse for not trying to minimize the impact of such a polluting industry. A good start is to think twice before buying and get into the habit of looking for new clothes in second-hand stores, taking maximum care of our clothes so that they last longer and prioritizing natural fabrics. Link to the project

My inner self – Exhibition

Energy and human nature. Needing time to rest, breathe and lower energy levels to regain vital balance is essential for me. Mental health is the key for my creative capacity and a slow lifestyle also contributes to slowing down climate change and making a sustainable use of the planet’s resources. We can get it.
In my personal case, the pandemic has made me stop, has given me time and space to reflect and prioritize what is really important in my life, in addition to raising my anxiety levels to infinity. You can see this piece at Pira in Barcelona.

Clouds and roots – Childhooh Abuses Exhibition

‘When I was a child I felt lonely, and I still feel it, because I know things and I must hint at things that others apparently know nothing about, and for the most part do not want to know.’ – Carl G. Jung.
Our roots begin to grow throughout the fragile and essential childhood. The foundations of the adults in which we will be are established. Clearing the sky of dark clouds and untangling those roots should be our main goal, just before they get too deep to fix.
You can see this piece at Centre Civic Barceloneta or online. Barcelona