Hola Wine Design by Inma Hortas for Wine52 from Beer52

Wine Design for Wine52-Beer52

Wine Design Label for Wine 52 from Beer52 Company. Naming, design and illustration.
‘HOLA’ is a fresh organic white wine, originally from Spain, La Mancha area. It celebrates life, nature and feeling good in one’s own skin.

Adidas Ultraboost 22 female fit campaign by Inma Hortas

Adidas x WeAreSocial – UB22 Campaign

The shoes, designed by and for women, are the central focus but, to connect to THE RUNNER’S HIGH HANDBOOK, as a reference to the runner’s high to celebrate this endorphin boost and the incredible impact that running has on mental health whilst keeping the UB22 itself central to the illustration.
Assets for animation (done in-house), some letterings and illustrated frames were created to complete the whole campaign on Adidas socials: Instagram and tiktok.

New year hopes lettering by inma hortas inlohographicsw

New Year Hopes

I wish you New Year Hopes, Art, Love and Truth.
Lettering and character illustration sent to my contacts as Christmas/New year Self-promo card.

Hope Label – Science will win

Science will win. I have been fully vaccinated. The greatest tool we have to combat the pandemic. Hope that life as we previously knew it will return and we can “return to the jungle” with a deeper social responsibility.